If you are a mother who feels lost, hopeless, or simply overwhelmed, send us a confidential message on the contact tab. We are looking to build a support group with weekly email support, prayer, and monthly meetings to learn to dance in the rain again, find our identities and destinies in Christ, and to take care of ourselves so we may better take care of our families.

Jesus came to give you life and life abundant. Through this journey, my eyes have been opened to the struggle of life as a mother, but the incredible blessing that comes through watching Vanessa learn and grow and seeing our relationship blossom. Yet, I know that every moment I feel alone, the Lord is screaming out that we are never alone. He took it all on the cross, went through everything we would ever experience. He knows. And, He loves us enough to bring community. Daughter of Christ, you are not alone. We are all on this wonderful journey of life together. But, what we keep in darkness will remain in darkness. It is time we bring our secrets, our struggles and hurts, our pain and inner turmoil to light. Where Light is darkness cannot dwell. So Beloved, reach out. Contact us and we will add your email to our weekly email support group as well as contact you will upcoming dates to meet as a group, talk, drink coffee, cry, pray, laugh together, breathe again, find our identities, and come alive in Christ.