Be still and know that I am God.

My heart feels as though the Lord is constantly speaking this to me, forever telling me to trust Him, and longing for me to sit in His beauty. I’m reminded daily how easy it is to get swept into the beautiful array of ministries that surround us, but then we suddenly find ourselves tired, weary, worn down, and crying out to God for rest.

If ministry ever comes before my relationship with You God, take it away.

Seek first the Kingdom and righteousness and all shall be added unto you. I love this promise from our good, good Father. As we faithfully seek after Him and what He is doing here on Earth, everything else is added to us. We have peace with God because of Jesus, and because of that, there is a way we can walk through this life that we do not end up weary. As we follow Him and learn to encounter His heart daily, we are filled up, and He adds all else unto us.

If ministry ever comes before my relationship with You God, take it away.

Being a parent has made me see how a new level of how my life is not my own. I think about her needs more than I do mine, and plan my days according to what she has going on. I laugh even as I write this because I just signed papers for her school, have dinner going on the stove, am helping Vanessa do her hair, and am listening to constant questions while trying to type this. “Why is it light out still? Why do seasons change? Is it spring time now? Will it snow again? I don’t like snow. I hope it’s spring time. Are we moving? Why do we only have one bathroom in our house? Do some people have two bathrooms? Why do people need such big houses?” The questions are endless. So many whys! Family is always your first ministry though, and I cherish moments like these because they remind me to slow it all down, breathe, and embrace the journey. Child-like wonder is something we all need to embrace more. It reminds me to never let the ministry of Vanessa’s Village become more important than my daughter Vanessa.

If ministry ever comes before my relationship with You God, take it away.

Recently God has been speaking to me about the word EMBRACE. I feel it is a message for more than just me though, so I feel led to share it here. Embrace where God has placed you. Embrace the season He has you in. Embrace the realm of simply sitting at His feet and slowing down for a bit. I feel as though God is saying that He wants to bring us back. I feel He says this. “I want to bring my children back to a simple time, when they had awe and wonder, questions and joy, and when laughter filled their mouths. Child, you keep fighting the role I have called you to, the place I have you, and you are only doing damage to yourself. The more you thrash around in the quick sand, the faster you sink, but I want you to EMBRACE these trial around you; embrace the season I have you in. I am leaning down with a helping hand. Just as I pulled Peter out of the water after he fell in when his eyes were cast down to the waves, so will I pull you out. Do not be like the other disciples and merely sit on the boat, terrified of Me before them on the water. Be like Peter, trusting Me. Step out in faith in what I have called you to. Embrace the call. Even if you sink I am there, for it is better you sink and I lift you than you never walk on the water. Be still and KNOW me. Do not simply understand me. I want you to know the person I am, the heart I have for you. Embrace me, for I am yours and you are Mine.”

If ministry ever comes before my relationship with You God, take it away.

The Lord has incredible things for us as we seek Him. Come, join us on Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30pm at 330 N. Main St. Souderton PA 18964 for a time of sitting at His feet and being filled by all He has for us as we embrace where He has us and seek Him first. For more information on this ministry, click Ministries tab and in the drop down select Alabaster Prayer House.

You are so deeply loved!


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