“The choice is yours my dear.”

“But you’re Papa, you are, not me. Lead me. That’s your job! Speak.”

“You know my heart. You know who I am, for I do not change. My Word is the revelation of who I am. You know my heart, and I lead you well. Let my heart lead you. Jump darling, jump.”

The choice is yours today. Papa is always asking us to do the unthinkable: to trust Him with our whole hearts, with every fiber of our beings; to walk in a surrender so deep that some days we feel like we are sinking in an ocean of grace; to walk in a love so overwhelming that all we can do is sit smiling at the One who gave us life because we know apart from Him we are nothing. I feel today to simply encourage you that He is for you. He is for you, and your life is a testimony of that.

In your weakness the God of the universe is strong. In case you forgot little one, He holds the whole world in His hands. He numbered the stars, and you know how He did that? He did that as He created them, as He set them to shine for all of eternity. Don’t you ever go forgetting that He knows you: the number of hairs on your head, the way your eyes sparkle, every tear, every smile, all of who you are, He knows it, for He created you to sing; and He is faithful to the end of time. His ways are good, His plans, full of love and honor. All He does is for His glory and your good, but do not forget that in your weakness, He is strong. He is exactly who He says He is, for He cannot deny Himself. He is love, and that will He be for all time.

I am hyper aware of His overwhelming grace today. I am not sure if it is the beautiful fall temperatures, the joy of friendship and Jesus conversations over coffee in the morning, waking up in a beautiful home next to my wonderful husband with our beautiful daughter down the hall, or simply tasting more of His goodness to me today, but I stand in awe of who He is; and I cant help but remind you who you are. Did you know that you’re crazy loved? Like it’s unbelievable, almost silly sounding. He just adores you. You completely ravish and undo Him. Smile and rest in that. He is doing a great work in your life.

“Oh little seed little seed I see you. I see new life stemming through the crack inside of you.”

God has continued to repeat this phrase to me for months now. Picture a great oak tree. It didn’t just appear one day, rather a small seed was planted. It had to first crack, that new life could stem out of it, growing into a tree that would withstand all the wind that came at it. That crack in you is being used for greatness. Undeniable strength is found there, and through it will stem life and life abundant. He sees that. He sees the cracks, the broken pieces, the bumps, the bruises, and all the hurt you hold so close, but He also sees the new life stemming through. Give it all to Him and stand amazed as an Oak of Righteousness returns in it’s place. He is faithful and will use it for your good and His glory. You are so loved.

Rest assured. He sees you and is producing a spectacular work in your weakness.

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