“Trust Me child. I have plans for you, plans of a blindingly bright future.”

We serve a God of miracles, who does the impossible, and who brings hope when all seems lost. The past few months have been a dry land, a tough trudge through the desert.  The sand of this land seemed to whip around, clouding my thoughts and blocking my joy and trust in my God. Vanessa’s behaviors became worse. Her anger seemed to rise higher than the abundant joy she carries, and her mind never seemed to be with me as I spoke to her. I found myself in a puddle of tears begging the Lord to intervene, to take control of her because she is His child; to love her, nurture her, and care for her in ways I, as an imperfect mother cannot. And Church, we serve a God who hears, sees, and shows up every single time.

The Lord began to show me that in my letting go, He is raising up His village of people for Vanessa. He loves her far more than I ever could and desires her freedom and healing beyond what my heart cries. Through some good friends, Papa led us to Family Hope Center (www.familyhopecenter.com), an educational program that works to empower parents to be the therapist for their child by addressing the individual as a whole instead of simply treating the symptoms. We are beyond excited to begin the training in June as well as have a full psychological evaluation done for Vanessa and six months of treatment that include physiological, physical, nutritional, sensory, social and intellectual elements; optimizing the development of Vanessa.

Finding this program has led us to partner with the help of Brain Child Fund (www.brainchildfund.org), an organization led by parents of four children, three of which have varying brain injuries. Brain Child Fund has already been life changing in helping us feel empowered and in raising up others around us to help out spiritually through prayer, emotionally through our listening and counseling, financially through fundraising, and physically through making meals, taking Vanessa out for “dates”, and providing respite care for myself. Jana and Hannes, the founders of Brain Child Fund, have dedicated their lives to teaching families of children with special needs how to navigate the system of the child’s care and how to gain support as a parent of these children simply from the life lessons they have learned along their journey. Their program is Holy Spirit inspired and such a blessing to come in contact with.

God is so good! Seriously, I cannot say it enough. Church, never give up on what He has called you to because time and time again He does, and will, show up.

Vanessa is an extraordinary young lady, and I love the fact that God will never give up on her, so neither will I. He has blessed me with being her caregiver, and she challenges me daily to have childlike faith, to walk in abundant joy, to say hi to everyone I meet, to ask silly questions, dance in the rain, laugh without a care of who hears, to not take offense and just enjoy the moment, to dream big, to dance like no one is watching, sing so the world hears, smile as big as you can, and giggle forever. She is the very essence of childlike wonder, and I consider myself blessed to learn from her. Her disabilities may “disable” her from some things here, but I believe that they enable her for greatness. The Lord created her and declared, “it is good,” so, good it will be. She is made in His image.

We are beyond blessed and excited to know each and every one of you. Thank you already for stepping up and joining the Village. We believe that God is calling people to surround individuals with special needs, to learn from them, to grow with them, and to see them thrive. I fully believe that as you begin to get to know Vanessa, she will challenge your faith, inspire you to love God wholeheartedly, and propel you to believe in MIRACLES!

Would you consider partnering with us? If financially, please click the donate tab and follow the steps there. If through prayer, please click the contact tab and send us your name and email address.

We will continue to update the blog section of this site bi-weekly with developments in Vanessa’s care, all that God is teaching us through her, and new prayer requests.


Much love,

Vanessa’s Village

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